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The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille is available in paperback, Kindle & audio versions.
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The 85% Percent Man and Lessons from Lucille

"Everything my mother told me about women is true...and I can prove it."
   -Bob Mack Peak

No one is cooler than a mom, and my mother, Lucille Elizabeth Peak, was no exception. Together with my father--Pops--they were part of the Greatest Generation. Raised in a loving home with six siblings and supported by a large clan of relatives, life as a kid was terrific. And then, I grew up.

Venturing into the world looking for unconditional love mirrored by Lucille and Pops, I encountered a relationship abyss. Crossing this chasm was daunting. I suffered several failed marriages, and hundreds of dates, searching in vain. During my many attempted crossings, and with each plummet into the pit of heartbreak, Lucille’s words would ring in my ears. These “Lessons” became sage advice to warn of impending romantic falls. Like most children, I didn’t listen to my parents until much later in life. But there is help for you inside The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille. Come with Lucille and me on a journey of self-awareness and discover how to love long and prosper.

Five star reviews (out of 5) continue to roll in. Also, see Reader Reviews.

"Informative, engaging, humorous, and thought stimulating. I highly recommend for anyone in a relationship or planning to be in one."

"The book will certainly appeal to men with its humor and method of delivery; however, women will also have much to learn from the male perspective of their own behavior and mode of communication... a worthwhile read."  

"This is a chance to wake up and prosper. When in doubt, people should ask the important question, 'What would Lucille say?'"  

"The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille is Bob Mack Peak’s well-crafted, uplifting, heart-felt romance epic. It’s a lighthearted look at the differences between men and women. The book’s flowing narrative offers the reader a delightful journey toward discovering life's truest reward—unconditional love."  

"An engaging guide on how to discover and sustain love that finds shrewd lessons in the author’s own life."  


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