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                   Publishing 2013

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Dedicated to the first woman I ever loved,
my mother, Lucille Elizabeth
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I loved this book.
“If I read this story when I was in my twenties, it would have saved me tremendous pain and a lot of money. I’ll make sure to give my grandson a copy, so he’s prepared for his love life. It made me wish I was at the family dinner table with Lucille. Very educational and funny.”
—Robert Cronin
Nationally recognized artist/painter

 We loved the story of Bob’s family.
“His dating experiences, supported by Lucille’s guidance, made us laugh, and we related to many of his men-versus-women anecdotes. We enjoyed the journey of Lucille and Pops and truly felt the pain of their tragic losses. We highly recommend this book for couples to read together.”
—Leighs Church and Dr. Sharon Cantor Church
Silicon Valley retired executive and acclaimed psychologist

 This book changed my relationship thinking.
“I was entertained and engaged the entire way, and it really helped me evaluate what I want in a man. I highly recommend this book to all women trying to understand the man they’re with or seeking. It made me laugh, cry, and think deeply. I’m an avid romance and relationship book reader, and I’ve put this at the top of my ‘favorites’ list.”
—Dina Kelley
Business executive, entrepreneur, divorcee

Best relationship book I’ve read in 15 years
"The book was an easy, fun read. I couldn’t put it down for two days. It has a lots of good insight (Lucille’s) but the author’s journey or adventure keep be interested until the end. His family really experience some tough times, but their courage was inspiring. There some pretty funny moments in there and some notes I made for future dates or relationships. It sort of combines self-help with a family memoir. Good stuff."
--Mary Monroe

 Excellent stuff – must have tips!
"This is a must have guide for every man to understand women and get the most out of any relationship. I wished this book was available 15 years ago, it would have kept me from doing some dumb and really dumber stuff with my wife. She’s reading a copy now and she keeps sharing humorous parts we can both relate to and other more serious insights we can use to keep our marriage healthy and happy. It was suggested by a friend and I reluctantly started the book, and then it really grabbed me right up to the end. There’s a memorable quote by Lucille in every chapter, and like the author, I should have listened to my own terrific mom earlier. The unique flow mixes the author’s quest for unconditional love paralleled with his parents incredible life. I read Men are From Mars and this is similar (much better for MEN and women), but there really two stories. One is the author’s journey to find a great woman (85% Woman?), and the other is a story much like the movie Parenthood that really makes you want to a part of Lucille’s joyous family. LMAO in many chapters, while taking notes on how to improve my marriage, it’s a fascinating, unique voyage. "
--Dean Larson

I really loved this book--funny, enlightening
"A friend who’s been on the dating treadmill recommended this. It’s really two books in one, with a terrific narrative paralleling the life of the author’s parents PLUS his journey to find a relationship like his folks with unconditional love. It grabbed me immediately--being a single mom searching for a decent guy—and really kept me entertained. More than the story value, it had a lot of self-help advice, much better than a “Men are from Mars” thing since its more personalized rather than some relationship PhD telling me how it’s supposed to work. This is real world stuff plus it has a link to www.85percentman.com and I took the test to score my last (former) boyfriend (72%)—right on the money!!! All I can say is that I wished I had a mom and dad like Lucille and Pops, it could have saved me some real misery in relationships. I passed this on to my girlfriend already."
--Robin Mark

It had me laughing and thinking (at the same time)  
"My wife said I should read a relationship book sometime and I’m glad I found this one. I usually read adventure or fiction, especially old western stories. This one was a great adventure following the author’s blunders and triumphs so it kept entertained. Lucille was one cool mom and her insight was just the ticket to deal with my wife. I have some secret weapons now as I discovered I’m probably an 88% man and my wife should cut me some slack! I recommend this book as a must-have for married men."
--Vincent Marchet

Pretty cool book, unique storytelling all comes together
"Being 30-something has it’s advantages, but like they say “youth is wasted on the young.” I thought my mom had taught me a lot about women, plus a few girlfriend experiences, but I was found lacking after reading this book It’s loaded with great stories all tied back to wisdom from Lucille. Each chapter has a pearl and I couldn’t wait to see what Lucille was going to say next. The 85% Man really getting you thinking, it’s a great ‘heads-up’ manual. It’s like the difference between regular Army training and Special Forces. I knew how to march and clean my rifle, but now I’m ready for special-ops in any territory with unpredictable combatants. Good stuff, highly recommended reading before going into any relationship. Spoiler alert: The Creature from the Booz Lagoon is one to watch out for!"
--Larry Katt



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