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Demo Reel


  Video and Animation Collection 3:10 Minutes.

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    Production Samples    
    These are some of the samples of work over the years. I specialize in creative thinking and design direction for 3D animation and film production. I have a partner in Silicon Valley that allows us to deliver hi-end animation without the prohibitive costs.

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Grandcell Battery Monster. 3D Animation over live action, 60-sec. TV spot.

Cisco Services - 3D animation delivered with collateral pieces and Web page.

Applied Material product launch. Sub-micron to full Centura system display.


Applied Materials 3D promo for Centura Wafer Mainframe.

Battery Monster 3D animation over live action TV commercial.
"Vulcanize 'em Vinnie" comedy short mafia Star Trek spoof.
Transcomm animated product demo.
Centura Wafer Fab System how it works
3D animation.
Alien Bar 3D over live action - Live Action Digital partner demo.  
Grandcell battery TV, radio and media promotions.  

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