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Demo Reel


  Video and Animation Collection 3:10 Minutes.

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    Client Branding & Digital Marketing    
    We work with small, medium, and Fortune 50 clients. They all have the same challenge - developing or expanding their brand and identity. From logo creation, company naming and trademarking to websites and digital marketing we can deliver results very cost-effectively. Roll over the images below for details.

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Brand, Web, Customer Portal Auto dealer CRM, Brand, Web, Social Design for Debit Card Company  
Logo, Web, Content, SEO Product Strategy, Branding DRM Product 3D Animation, Website  
3D Animation, Sales Services, Web Page Workforce Experience Team. Logo, Identity, Website UNIX Open Systems Marketing Strategy  
Logo, Brand, Research US Product Intro (Malaysian), 3D TV Commercials, Focus Testing Cannabis Branding, Logo, Social, Website  
Sales Tools - Video, Web Web design, navigation, 3D video, sales portal, onboarding Logo, Strategy Vegas Theme Park  
Cannabis CBD Solutions, Web, Brand, Logo, eCommerce, Social Focus Testing, Logo, Launch for Restaurants Global Marketing Strategy/Budgets, CRM Channels & Client Sat.  
Prepaid Card Indentity Cannabis Logo, Brand, Product Launch, Web, Video Product Strategy, Events, Sales Team Training, Video  
Logo, CRM Strategy Named Company, US Intro, Logo, Web Focus Testing, Restaurant Gaming  
Interactive Sales Tool 60,000 Resellers Brand, Logo, Content, Web, Events Restaurant App for Calories, Menus, Web, Brand Extensions  
Products, brand, logo, channels, sales tools Restaurant brand, menus, website, ads Virtual reality tours, 3D fly-through software  
Applied Materials 3D promo for Centura Wafer Mainframe.

Battery Monster 3D animation over live action TV commercial.
"Vulcanize 'em Vinnie" comedy short mafia Star Trek spoof.
Transcomm animated product demo.
Centura Wafer Fab System how it works
3D animation.
Alien Bar 3D over live action - Live Action Digital partner demo.  
Grandcell battery TV, radio and media promotions.  

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